We joined an online demonstration against proposed EU software patent directive.

The directive, in it's first shape, would allow an extensive patenting of classic business methods on the Internet. It will hamper development of our innovative technology.

Above kind of patents infringe retroactively our own technical solutions and business methods and we will need the financial compensation from EU in case we will be forced to pay licences for use of our methods online.

We have never got a single feedback from EU and that is why we are taking hereby this action in protest.

The directive was voted in European Parliament 24th September 2003. As the original objective of the directive seemed to be harmonisation with current US practice, the new amendmends added by the parliament also take into account development of European software and economy as such. In particular the market competition will be encouraged by withdrawal of legal protection of business methods.

Some amendments invoked critics from European Commission so further adjustments of the directive are expected.

Look at Greens/ALE Party's Conference on Software Directive,
European Parliament, 17th September 2003

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We strongly protest against patenting of common access network, which should be the object of standardisation and not patenting!

For further information about online demonstration please see http://swpat.ffii.org